The main Control Panel page is the starting point for managing your account with It is from here that you are able to change details such those shown on the right.

The image below shows the four key areas of the main Control Panel page Your Profile, Global Settings, Reporting and Websites, further details for which can be found further down the page.

  • Change your e-mail address or password
  • Create accounts for people to perform content management functions via our Management Console
  • View reports that tell you things like the number of people that are currently visiting your websites
  • Add, edit and delete websites on your account, as you are able to have as many websites as you like.

  • A) YOUR PROFILE - provides the facilities for you to amend the details about you that hold. This includes items such as Email Address, Name and Postal Address, as well as providing you with the facility to reset your password.

    B) GLOBAL SETTINGS - allows you to define website specific information that is shared by all websites on your account. Currently this is limited to the definition of Content Managers, to whom you can delegate the management of certain aspects of your websites. These individuals are able to update shop items or photographs, for example, without being able to change the look, feel or structure of your website. Further details about content management can be found by clicking the Content Managers link.

    C) REPORTING - provides information about invoices and costs associated with your account, as well as providing a high-level view of the number of users who are currently browsing your websites.

    D) WEBSITES - is the area where your websites are shown and provides summary information about each site including its Title, Description and Status. The status will generally show active unless we are forced to disable the website for some reason. This might be because content displayed there contravenes our terms and conditions or because we have been told to do so by a court of law. Clicking the website title takes you to the Website Management page from where you are able to update website specific settings such as page content and structure. Clicking View will open the website into a new browser window, while buttons appear at the bottom of the page that allow you to Add and Delete websites.