UltimateCreator.com provides many sub-domain names free of charge This may be acceptable for small or personal websites, but business will more often than not wish to use their own domain name. Follow the steps below to accomplish this:

  • Register a domain name. Before a domain name can be used, it needs to be registered. UltimateCreator.com does not provide this service as there are already many other companies that do so. A look in your favourite search engine will list companies that will help you register your chosen domain name. Before selecting a registrar, make sure that they allow management of your domain name and specifically will not prevent you from hosting your website externally to them.

  • Configure UltimateCreator.com. Because websites are hosted virtually on our servers, you must tell the system which domain names it should look out for. This is done in Website Management and is as simple as entering all of the domain name variations that will be used. Don’t forget to add the domain name itself and the domain name with www preceding it. So add entries for www.your.domain as well as your.domain.

  • Configure the domain. The last stage in the process is to tell the registrar for your domain name (i.e. the company selected in step 1 above) about the UltimateCreator.com servers. They should be instructed to create an address (A) record and to point it at our IP address: